Corundum Resistant Refractory AL11

AL11 is a unique  family of patentedrefractory monolithics  designed specifically for use in molten aluminium contact applications.

Although the primary AL11 formulation is a semi insulating product, we are able to guarantee that our product will NOT suffer from the modes of refractory failure synonymous to the molten aluminium processing industry:-

The potential for refractory saturation by  molten aluminium has been eliminated due to the unique structure of  AL11 and the fact that our material does not contain any non wetting additives that typically burn out over time.

Refractory conversion to Aluminium Oxide (corundum), is now a phenomenon of the past, AL11 materials will not reduce irrespective of furnace conditions, temperature or timescales.

Dross and oxide adhesion is negligible resulting in significant reductions of the amount of cleaning and maintenance required. Harmful refractory cleaning fluxes are no longer a necessity.

Subsequently the thermal efficiency lifetime and longevity of your furnace lining can be enhanced significantly.

A full design and installation service is available globally.