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Pay day loan data

Pay day loan data

A better glance at the known facts and figures of pay day loans

Payday-style loans (or high-cost, short-term credit) are short-term financing for smaller amounts of cash. These loans can be accessed quickly, also by individuals with bad credit or reduced incomes. The tradeoff is they frequently come at a top price. While 4 in 5 among these loans usually are repaid within one month or less, it works out to be 1,300% annualised if we look at the typical interest rates charged. Prices vary by payday loan provider, but weighed against almost every other credit options, it is a costly method to borrow.

Take a good look at the diagram below which illustrates the various kinds of unsecured loans and where loans that are payday in:

We analysed the newest Competition & areas Authority (CMA)’s Payday lending market research report (2015) to give you helpful insights to the high-cost short-term financing market.

The newest facts and numbers

In January 2015, a limit ended up being introduced in the rates of interest that may be charged on pay day loans in order to control them. They are marketed as one-off loans for unforeseen costs. But, because of the accessibility of the loans, this has led to individuals utilizing it for everyday expenses such as for instance groceries, bills and vehicle expenses when they’re quick on cash. About one fourth of payday advances in the united kingdom are rolled up to a new loan term and typically cost ВЈ24 four weeks for each ВЈ100 lent.

The typical pay day loan client

CMA determined the normal traits of a pay day loan and its borrowers through the analysis of these loans information. Continue reading