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Hauntingly Gorgeous Baby Names You Have Not Heard Before

Hauntingly Gorgeous Baby Names You Have Not Heard Before

With regards to infant names, poetic darkness is not, admittedly, a quality most parents are seeking. Nevertheless, the planet abounds with deliciously enigmatic and ghostly names, whether they hail from classical Gothic literature or from the form of traditional mythology that is constantly fraught with memorable drama.

Your message “haunting,” of course, can indicate anything from unforgettably gorgeous to mythically or paranormally symbolic. One may think of Edgar Allan Poe’s indefatigable heroine Ligeia, or maybe regarding the dearly departed Lenore for the Raven fame. Others might think of Mina Harker of Dracula, or of novelist Sheridan Le Fanu’s iconic vampire Carmilla, whom also passed the anagrams Mircalla and Millarca, to disguise her identities throughout the centuries. Some might think of Bewitched darling Tabitha. And sometimes even regarding the fairly popular name Colby, which means that “coal town,” or “dark city” — a piece that gives it an evocative, “whistling through the graveyard” types of folklore appeal.

Whatever the case, dark names could be every bit as poetically gorgeous as light and angelic ones, so keep reading for the variety of gems that just could be ideal for your baby. Even in the event they truly are not really a Halloween baby-proper.


“Here was indeed the triumph of most things heavenly,” wrote Edgar Allan Poe of his protagonist Ligeia. An intellectually brilliant and beautiful woman, succumbs to a dramatic ailment (consumption), her lust for life is so intense that she eventually succeeds in coming back to life, with all her beauty and vitality intact though Poe’s heroine. Or at the least that’s exactly what the whole story implies. When you’re searching for a beautiful Gothic child name that also denotes dedication and longevity ( after having a fashion), this may be for you personally.

Based on The Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Ligeia was also one the Sirens who attempted to lure Odysseus and their males up to a death that is seductive sea in Homer ‘s The Odyssey — by method, of course, of her mesmerizing voice. Continue reading